BAO: ahh, interesting... let's see how that will work out. anyway... so maybe we can do some draft on the 22nd or so?
ALAN: that would probably be the first day that we could
BAO: cool. annnyyywaay... on your blog, what were you testing sir?
ALAN: well, to tell you the truth, not really much of anything in particular :)
ALAN: I kinda just wanted to see what responses ppl would put, esp. after I hadn't blogged in a while
BAO: indeed, that's what I sorta thought.
ALAN: heh
ALAN: I dunno, it seems long term blogging and me don't really work together
BAO: all you have to do is open it and type something... I dunno.
ALAN: true...but then I always worry what ppl will think of what I type
ALAN: will it be too boring? too long?
ALAN: will I say something that I shouldn't?
ALAN: something too personal?
BAO: ahh... well, it's better than nothing! except the thing you shouldn't say. that's worse than nothing.
ALAN: I guess that's a different way of looking at it
BAO: except don't have another test thing. ooh ooh! post this current conversation with me. and then people will tell you how to blog :)
ALAN: lol
ALAN: there's an idea
BAO: yeah, it'd be amazing.
BAO: by the way
BAO: buy Bao something really nice for Christmas
ALAN: perhaps I'll post something up similar to taht
ALAN: like, what sir? :)
BAO: umm... hmm...
ALAN: I've never been good at buying Christmas gifts for ppl
ALAN: actually, I can't remember the last time I bought a Christimas gift for someone :)
BAO: ahh. now you have 3 reasons to post this conversation!
BAO: 1) learn what to blog about
BAO: 2) advice for christmaspresenting
BAO: 3) for bao to ask for christmas presents in
BAO: yeah... I don't know what I want. maybe a new monitor... like a 20 inch widescreen or something. so then my main computer will get the 20 inch wide, and my other computer will hve 2 monitors
ALAN: hmmm...unfortunately, I think a new monitor would be too beast for me to afford :)
BAO: yeah... it can be a group present. or not... maybe some wii stuff, heh.
BAO: I'm also thinking about a hard-drive camcorder... but I want to try it out for a while before someone purchases it for me..
BAO: anyway, this "blog post" is getting a bit long... so you should post from "hello sir" (from Ricky's thing, I guess, haha) down to here :)
BAO: try to keep the smilies intact
ALAN: hmmm...yeah I was thinking of just summarzing it, actually :)
ALAN: or, posting something similar
ALAN: but yeah...I'll see
BAO: actually, that's a bit long. maybe start with "what were you testing sir"
BAO: summarizing is effort, haha. for now, just copy and paste, and edit later if you want to
ALAN: yeah...but the convo might take up lots of space...
ALAN: well, anyways, I gtg soon for dinner and stuff
ALAN: guess I'll ttyl
BAO: okay, ttyl, I look forward to your blog post, heh