Welcome to the Cantizerg website. This site is under construction. In the future, we will have game updates for Super Defender Robo and possibly other games.

May 06, 2007: Version 1 of Super Defender Robo completed!

May 07, 2007: Before SDR was uploaded, Bao has made a few very minor changes, the two biggest being 1) Added a preloader, and 2) added a link to this page in the instructions.

And that's it for now. Next update of the game will probably have more enemies, less slowdown (might make it harder though), more user-made stages, and... radar! Not a perfect radar, but a good-enough radar should do...

Super Defender Robo - Version 0001x - Created May 06, Updated May 07 (minor changes)
html/flash link
stand alone application (1.2mb)

Coded by Bao Nguyen-Huu (bknh@hotmail.com) in Flash.
Graphics by Isaque Hossain (mag_driver@hotmail.com).
Created for TOJAM 2007. For more information on tojam, visit http://www.tojam.ca.